Appy Entertainment Is Having A Sale | All Apps Now Only $.99


To celebrate the new year Appy Entertainment is having a sale and offering all their apps for only $.99. The sale starts on January 08 and ends on January 10.

If it has a face, you can fight it … friends, pets, even cartoon characters become your boxing opponents. Give your foe black eyes, a busted nose, and swollen lips, and laugh at their expressions and reactions as you beat the stuffing out of them. But be careful — your FaceFighter opponent is a cagey martial artist who will be trying to do the same thing to YOU!

Zombies hunger for brains … and PIZZA! Zombie Pizza is a fast-paced, light-hearted puzzle game where quick thinking is all that stands between you and a grisly fate at the hands of the ravenous undead. Make pizzas to order by flicking ingredients from the fast-moving conveyor belt, and keep those zombies fed to survive your nightshift, set high scores, and earn medals.

Appy Newz is the original and still the best magazine cover maker for your iPhone and iPod touch! With fast, easy-to-use four layer compositing, Appy Newz lets you effortlessly swap bodies, backgrounds, objects, and text to make fun and funny magazine covers. Add your own faces and objects or mix-and-match with hundreds of custom elements.


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