Apple’s Next Generation of iPhone to Come in Multiple Colors and Sizes?

Next iPhone colors

Next iPhone colors

Talks about the next generation iPhone is already in full gear, with analyst Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets claiming that Apple will be giving customers a number of choices for the rumored “iPhone 5S”. He notes that this includes a number of different colors and sizes. White specifically mentioned that the current colors of the iPod nano would also be reflected in the new iPhone including pink, yellow, blue, green, purple, silver and slate, as well as a special (Product)Red version.

Aside from the new colors, the next generation iPhone will also reportedly be available in multiple sizes, meaning that there may be multiple screen sizes for one model.
Apple’s current iPhone 5 is 4 inches, and the 4S has a 3.5 inch screen but under the speculations of White, the iPhone 5S would have both a 3.5 and 4 inch model. It is unclear how Apple would do this exactly and what features they would add to make both of the phones similar, yet different from the current 4S/5 lineup.

We believe this is about to change with the next iPhone offering different screen sizes that we believe will allow Apple to better bifurcate the market and expand its reach. This eventually opens up the possibility for a lower-priced iPhone (i.e., iPhone mini) with a smaller screen size that could allow Apple to further penetrate markets such as China and open up opportunities in India.

This means that Apple’s iPhone has the potential to expand to somewhere around 5 inches, although it is likely that Apple will stick with the 4 inch design as they have with the 3.5” for several years. In his report, White also mentioned that it is possible that these colors will also be seen on an iPad, although he did not give a timeframe as to when this would be seen.

The “iPhone 5S” with multiple colors and sizes is expected to arrive as early as this summer. By adding multiple colors, Apple would be introducing the iPhone in colors other than the traditional black and white as they have since the first generation.

{Via AppleInsider}


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