Apple Updates ‘Find My Friends’ App With Location Alerts Page Redone

Find My Friends App Update

Find My Friends App Update

Apple has released a new update to its ‘Find My Friends’ application, redesigning the Location Alerts page. The app, which was released last September allows iOS users to find the location of their friends who also use the application. Although the app hasn’t been wildly popular, it does represent the direction that Apple is going with location, and could potentially integrate the app with services similar to Foursquare.

The new update allows users to search and set location-based notifications much more easily than before. The Next Web detailed the new features specifically, adding that it “lets you fine-tune the sensitivity of an alert.”

“The new interface for setting up those alerts has been tweaked to let you set the exact distance threshold from a location. This lets you fine-tune the sensitivity of an alert for, say, two different buildings on a campus. If you just wanted to know when someone is ‘home’, the older process with a ‘fixed’ zone was fine, but if you were looking to get notices when someone gets into a neighborhood, it was pretty much impossible.”

Find My Friends is currently available as a free download on the App Store on both iOS and through iTunes {Direct Link}.

{Via MacRumors}


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