Apple TV White Carbon Fiber Skin Review – Easily add your own style to your Apple TV

Apple TV White Carbon Fiber Skin Review 1

Apple TV White Carbon Fiber Skin Review 1

If you are one of the millions of people who has invested in the $99 Apple TV that amongst other things allows your to AirPlay you iPhone and iPad to your big TV then you are used to having the sleek black box sitting on your shelf.

Now though you don’t have to settle for what Apple thinks is stylish, instead you can add your own design to the little black box and it’s remote as long as it matches one of the 4 colors/styles that you can get from

Apple TV White Carbon Fiber Skin Review 4

Just like the skins that produce for iPhones and iPads you can now skin your Apple TV and while you probably don’t need it to protect your device from knocks and scratches, making it stand out or even match you rooms style is another matter.

As with all of’s products they adhere to the Apple TV snuggly and securely and have cut outs for all the inputs on the back of the devices and the remote sensors and power light on the front.

Apple TV White Carbon Fiber Skin Review 3

The kit also comes with skins to cover the Apple TV remote so that it can complement the Apple TV and again it fits accurately to expose all the buttons and the battery cover too.

The Apple TV skin kit from costs $14.99 but that’s before you use the special 30% discount for our readers that the first 20 purchasers get to benefit from.

Rating: 4/5

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What we like

  • Accurate cut skins
  • Matches all your Apple devices
  • Applies easily

What to know

  • An easy way to make a statement



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