Apple TV Officially Launches in India Following iTunes Store Launch

AppleTV India

AppleTV India

Last December, Apple launched the iTunes Store for music and movies in 56 new countries, including India and has now officially launched the Apple TV. According to BGR, Apple is now selling the Apple TV in India for Rs 8,295 including taxes, which comes out to about $153 USD. During the holiday season, Apple CEO Tim Cook noted that the company sold 2 million Apple TV devices during the holiday quarter, which is a 60% growth from over year ago.

With the Apple TV now being sold in India and other regions that were withheld from the initial release, Apple is looking at an increase in revenue from both music and movies. India’s Bollywood is the second largest film industry in the world after the United State’s own Hollywood and with Indian movies being included on the Apple TV, it presents Apple with major opportunities for revenue growth.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has noted in the past that a television is an “intense area of interest”, with recent reports that the company is already working on a television set, which will likely include all of the features of the Apple TV set top box, as well as other features such as AirPlay connectivity with iOS devices and the Mac.

{Via MacRumors}


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