Apple Tops Microsoft in Third Quarter Revenue

Apple (AAPL) earned more revenue in the most recent quarter than its arch-enemy Microsoft. The numbers involved are equally interesting (and mind-blowing!). Apple’s revenue hit a staggering $20b compared to Microsoft’s none-too-shabby $16b. Once you’ve got your head around the shear size of those numbers, remember that means Apple’s revenue is a massive $4b more than that of MS. That’s money of Scrooge McDuck proportions!

When it comes to cold hard profit however, the team from Redmond still rules the roost – turns out software doesn’t cost that much to make. Who knew!?

Perhaps the most amazing fact is that 60% of Apple’s profits came from the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad – none of which were around just over 3 years ago. Contrast this with Microsoft’s results – almost all their profit comes from everyone’s (2nd) favourite OS, Windows, plus its Office suite of apps. Recent successes such as the Xbox console and its replacement the Xbox 360 just can’t compare with the success story of the MS software devision.

Will Windows Phone 7 mean increased revenue for Microsoft or will Apple’s increasingly innovative approach to software and hardware see them stay ahead in the revenue stakes? Only time will tell.

[via tipb]


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