Apple Signs EMI, Cloud Music Deals Close to Completion? [iCloud]

iTunes Cloud EMI Warner Music Sony

iTunes Cloud EMI Warner Music Sony

Earlier today, CNET reported that Apple has signed almost all of the four major record companies to include in their cloud based music streaming service, rumored to be called iCloud.

Apple is closing in on obtaining the necessary agreements with the top four record companies that will enable the company to launch a fully licensed cloud-music service, according to sources with knowledge of the talks.

The report highlights that Warner Music Group and EMI Music deals are completed and awaiting the release of the cloud service while Sony Music Group and Universal Music Group are “close” to completion and could be completed by as early as next week.

Amazon and Google recently launched unlicensed cloud based music streaming services but Apple’s move to get license from major record labels could give Cupertino based company a huge advantage over its competitors.  Apple is expected to offer cloud-based music streaming services using iTunes and iOS as a base to operate the new service. It is widely believed that these services will be tied to a subscription based model.

Apple has also been rumored to have bought the domain “” possibly adding this to the next major revision of iOS and integrating it into the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch through iTunes.

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