Apple Begins Selling iPhone 4 Bumper as Free Case Program Ends

iphone 4 bumper

iphone 4 bumper

Did you get your free iPhone 4 bumper or case? I hope so, as Apple has officially closed their freebie program. If you are a new iPhone buyer and still experiencing the infamous ‘death grip’ issue resulting in dropped calls then a call to AppleCare might still prove fruitful – Apple had been known to give out bumpers before the free case program began and presumably will still do so on a case by case (pardon the pun!) basis.

Of course if you REALLY want a bumper you can always stump up the $29 and have your choice of colours – the nice pink one perhaps!

On a related note there were murmurings that the end of September might bring a redesigned antenna. It will be interesting to see if this is the case, or if Apple will still be under pressure from new iPhone owners who can’t make a call.

Or, perhaps it was all blown way out of proportion and the only people having problems were in low AT&T coverage areas, like all the US for example.


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