Apple to Sell 45 Million iPads During 2011?

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In a new report from Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian White cites sources with Asian component suppliers, who believe Apple could sell a staggering 45 million units of the iPad during 2011. Apple sold 15 million iPads in 2010, but the device was only on sale for around nine months – 2011 will be the first full year of availability for the iPad.

Sales figures of around 40 million have already been predicted by other industry sources, however, this new figure is beyond what financial firms have been predicting. During a visit to Asia last year, White also predicted similar but claims:

At the time, this number was difficult for many investors and some in the media to get their heads around.

The iPad 2 is now available to over 24 regions worldwide, and the demand for the device means that stores continue to sell stock within days, while customers are struggling to secure the second generation tablet without a wait of up to 4 weeks.

While other tablets aim to compete with the iPad – such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab and soon the BlackBerry PlayBook – Apple’s device doesn’t seem to be effected by its rivals and continues to thrive, with sales continually on the increase.

Despite the claims from suppliers, White is personally predicting sales of 30.9 million units. RBC Capital has predicted 28 million, while Needham is expecting 30 million.

Whether it sells 30 million or 45 million, it’s clear Apple’s iPad is a record breaking success for the Cupertino firm.

[via MacNN]


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