Apple set to earn $40 Million from ‘iWork’ for iPad

Some impressive figures for sales of iWork (Keynote, Pages, Numbers) on the Apple (AAPL) iPad are being estimated by Business Insider.

From their discussions with top grossing iPad developers, and some obsessive watching of the App Store placings of the three apps that make up the iWork suite (Pages, Numbers and Keynote). Business Insider has managed to work out some rough daily sales figures, and extrapolate from there.

The figures make interesting reading for those interested in where they should be aiming for stellar sales, regardless of your interest in Apple’s fortunes.

Basically a top ten app for the iPad, in the iTunes App Store should get about 7,500 downloads on each day of the weekend. And 2,500 downloads each week day. Or thereabouts. Those figures in themselves are interesting. It seems that online sales of apps follow the ingrained habit we have for hitting the Mall, virtual or otherwise, on days off.

In total, for the whole week, that makes around 27,500 downloads.

Even with one app, at $1.99 that would be a healthy sum. But for Apple that’s for three apps, each priced at a premium of $10. Which subsequently makes $825,000 per week in revenue for them.

Business Insider have made a few assumptions about all apps in the top ten selling at the same volume, but at that level of sales what’s a thousand here or there anyway, right?

Spread that out over a year, and not even allowing for a potential explosion of iPad sales globally, that puts Apple on track for over $40 Million in sales for iWork on the iPad alone.

Do you think Apple will make more or less from iWork this year? Do spreadsheets still sound boring to you? Let us know in the comments.

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