Apple Releases iTunes 10.5.2 with Fixes for iTunes Match and Audio Distortion

itunes 10.5.2

itunes 10.5.2

In addition to the release of iOS 5.1 beta 2, Apple also released iTunes 10.5.2 with iTunes Match updates and fixes for an audio distortion issue experienced by customers on select CD’s that they attempted to scan.

Apple is keeping on top of issues reported by customers and is very efficient with addressing the problems as soon as possible. Apple is cranking out software updates now for the Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, as well as Safari updates and numerous others for the Mac.

About iTunes 10.5.2

iTunes 10.5.2 includes several improvements for iTunes Match and fixes an audio distortion problem when playing or importing certain CDs.

The download is available via Apple’s download page as well as the separate iTunes download page. The iTunes download is 102 MB for Mac, 66.13 MB for 32-bit Windows, and 68.01 MB for 64-bit Windows.

Apple introduced iTunes Match with the update iTunes 10.5.2. Apple will continue to release updates to improve the service slowly with other features available in iOS and Mac OS X.

4 Comments on “Apple Releases iTunes 10.5.2 with Fixes for iTunes Match and Audio Distortion”

  1. Sam

    I just wanted to come here to say iTunes match sucks. Instead of just syncing you have to download each individual track to your idevice. BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY YET!!!

  2. eduardo

    bro i dont get it cuz when i download the itunes 10.5 it says it cannot be open and shet and im tired and i can figure out no shet >:(

    1. joe blow

      Well, nobody would expect you to operate a computer if you can’t even form a sentence acceptable by third grade standards.

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