Apple Releases New iPod TV Ad “Bounce”

5th gen iPod touch 5G TV ad Bounce

5th gen iPod touch 5G TV ad Bounce

With Apple beginning to ship iPods in high volume this week, the Cupertino company aired their first television ads for the updated iPod lineup. The ad called, “Bounce” was originally shown during the media event in September where Apple unveiled the iPhone 5, 5th gen iPod touch (5G) with a taller screen and Lightning connector, and iPod nano with a larger 2.5 inch multi-touch screen and home button.

The ad shows off all of the new iPods in rapid succession, with the iPod touch bouncing along to music, which then “bounces” into two iPod nanos, followed by the iPod shuffle and so on.
Apple’s colorful and upbeat ad for the iPods captures the vision that the company has for the popular music players, to be fun, useful, and colorful.

Apple will likely create and air more ads as the Fall ends and the holiday season begins as it is crucial for Apple’s sales at that time.

Will you buy an iPod after seeing this ad? Which one are you planning to buy?


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