Apple Releases ‘iAd Gallery’ App for iOS Devices

iAd Gallery

iAd GalleryOnly Apple can create excitement around ads in this day and age. When Apple launched iAd, its take on mobile advertisement, on iOS devices it aimed at providing an engaging platform for brands to connect to their audience.

iAd campaigns reportedly have a very high CTR (click through rate) and the time people spend in exploring the advertisement is also very impressive. Apple aims to provide developers an option to offer their app for free while integrating ads to make money.

If you have seen some of the iAd campaigns from companies like Nissan, GE and more then you would know that these ads are more like mini-apps which offer tons of things to explore, experience, download or even purchase.

Apple today launched a new app called ‘iAd Gallery’ which features “iAd campaigns from some of the world’s best brands and their advertising agencies.” The app “gives you easy access to a selection of iAd Gallery iPhonethe fun and informative ads that have run in some of your favorite apps.”

The app will be updated regularly to include a selection of the latest iAds and will allow you to easily view and experience iAd campigns using the ‘spinning wheel’ under the ‘browse’ tab.

It’s amazing to see initial App Store reviews where users have rated the app highly and are happy to see their favorite iAd. As I said in the beginning, only Apple can create excitement around ads!


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