Apple Getting Ready to Launch New Video Streaming Service (Rumor)



The web is abuzz this week about Apple planning a subscription based video streaming service to take on Netflix and Amazon. With that information already put, Jeffries analyst Peter Misek revealed today that Apple has already laid plans and set deals for such a service as well as iTunes Replay.

As part of Apple’s roll-out of cloud video services (and eventually an iTV), we believe Apple has unannounced deals with all/most of the studios/TV networks that are similar to the subscription streaming deal between Amazon and CBS.

On Monday, Apple released an iCloud beta, allowing users to re-download TV Shows and movies as well as stream them directly from the cloud using Apple TV. Redownloading is set to launch through iTunes Replay. Apple already has the groundwork laid out for a service similar to Netflix with the iTunes framework. With rumors swirling that Apple is planning to release an HDTV , and that they have already worked out deals, it is almost likely that Apple is planning something big.

Apple has not revealed any products or services as of yet but will likely do so in the sense that the market had yet to be dominated. Appleā€™s iTunes is popular enough to attract its existing customer base.

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