Apple Posts New iPad 2 TV Ad “Now”

New Apple iPad 2 TV Ad Now

Apple recently posted a new iPad 2 TV ad called “Now” that continues to emphasize on the user ‘experience’ rather than tech specs. We’ve reported on previous ads aired by Apple and even the new ad follows the same theme.

The ad showcases how iPad users use their device to read newspapers, magazines, watch movies and even video call using FaceTime. It further goes on to mention the use of iPads in classroom, reading eBooks and using apps.

Now, we can watch a newspaper; listen to a magazine; curl up with a movie; and see a phone call.

Now, we can take a classroom anywhere; hold an entire bookstore; and touch the stars.

Because now, there’s this.

It’s interesting to note that Apple’s competitors have been advertising their tablets primarily by highlighting the technical specifications and the support for flash. However, the Cupertino based company’s advertisements have been increasingly focussing on the user experience and how people can actually use the tablet in their every day lives.

Apple’s strategy is clearly winning if we consider the sales figures for tablet computers. What do you think about the new TV ad? Let us know in the comments section below.


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