Apple Opening Its Largest Chinese Retail Store in Shanghai

Apple has been strengthening the presence of its retail store with 318 stores in 11 countries which saw over 75 million visitors last quarter. During ‘Back to the Mac’ event Apple’s Tim Cook mentioned that Chinese stores get the most number of visitors when compared with any other store.

According to WSJ Apple is now preparing to penetrate the Chinese market further as it plans to open a new store in Shanghai which is rumored to be the largest in China.

The company is planning to open a new store – it’s biggest in China – on Shanghai’s famous Nanjing Road, an Apple spokeswoman has confirmed to China Real Time after news of the plan appeared in Thursday’s Beijing Youth Daily.

This seems to be a very obvious move by Apple to accommodate the increasing number of visitors to its retail store and offer everyone a great shopping experience. Apple retail stores over the last few years have helped in selling the latest iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Macs to people who had never used an Apple product before.

Another rumor reported recently suggests that Apple is planning to open a new retail store in Manhattan’s Grand Central Terminal too. With more than $40 billion in cash they are certainly making a good move to establish more retail stores to retain its dominance.

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