Apple’s Next iPod nano to Feature Larger Display and Home Button

Next Gen iPod nano

Apple’s iPod nano adopted a new form factor in late 2010, stripping the popular music player of its scroll wheel and replaced it with a small multi-touch screen, with apps for music, radio, and podcasts. Although the new design gave the iPod nano a revamp and introduced a better option for browsing music, many users complained that the device still lacked some of the features that it once had, such as a video camera, and video playback. Japanese site, Macotakara now reports that Apple is planning yet another redesign of the iPod nano line.

According to the report, the next gen iPod nano will carry a larger rectangular display and a home button, similar to the one found on all iOS devices. The screen, although larger than the current generation, would still be relatively smaller than other iOS devices, and as a result, would not run iOS apps. Apple will likely create a new OS for the device and add on a skin to resemble iOS. The report also goes on to mention that Apple may bring a “dedicated new iTunes Service” to the device, however, it remains unclear exactly what that would be.

Apple’s iPod nano has gone through many major redesigns since its first generation, with Apple adding a camera and then removing it in the latest generation. Apple’s 8th generation design was rumored to receive a camera, with images of a camera hole in the clip of the Nano, however, Apple likely scrapped those plans for this new design. This new design makes sense for a number of reasons; a redesign would help increase iPod sales which have been in decline for several quarters, the last two generations of iPod nano have had the same design, and this design would help Apple synchronize its product lines and make multi-touch the focal point.

If Apple released this new design later in the year, iPod nano users would see more functionality with a larger screen, a camera, and a tailored iTunes service.

{via MacRumors}


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  1. Gregory Gray

    They really need to add Wi-Fi and online iTunes & iTunes Match capability.  This would continue their theme of untethering you from the computer.  I think I’d be in for that!

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