Apple Releases New AirPlay and FaceTime iPhone 4 TV Ads

Apple AirPlay iPhone 4 TV Ad

Apple AirPlay iPhone 4 TV Ad

Apple recently aired two new ads on television that toted the same, “If you don’t have an iPhone” tag line and showed some of the features of the iPhone. No new features were highlighted, however, Apple did go further into detail on some features introduced in iOS 4. The first ad, highlighted the features of Airplay and how photos and videos can be streamed onto a HDTV directly from the device.

The second advertisement released by Apple, featured FaceTime and briefly showed all of the different devices that currently run FaceTime.

The “If you don’t have an iPhone” ad campaign started in late March and continued into Summer 2011. However, this time, the ads end with “just one more thing that makes an iPhone an iPhone.”

Apple introduces new tag lines in a series of advertisements and usually releases ads in installments of two. Apple will likely change the ad campaign once again, following the release of iOS 5, which is pegged for a September release, alongside a rumoured iPad 3 or iPad HD.

{via MacRumors}


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