Apple Launches New Web Campaign Called “Why You’ll Love an iPad”

Why iPad retina

Why iPad retina

On Thursday, Apple launched another web campaign very similar to its “Why You’ll Love an iPhone” campaign. In fact, this web campaign has the same idea, being called “Why You’ll Love an iPad” and shows all of the great reasons why customers should go out and purchase an iPad.

On the “Why iPad” page on its website, Apple focuses specifically on the over 300,000 apps available for the iPad, something that is also mentioned in the company’s billboard and print ads. Apple also mentions J.D. Power satisfaction rankings, percentages of schools and companies using the devices, as well as the materials used and the popular Retina Display.

As Samsung continues to rise in the smartphone market and becomes a serious competitor for Apple, the Cupertino company is moving quickly with its ad campaigns to show customers why they initially chose Apple or why they should.

Apple has recently been under fire from analysts and the public who claim that the company is experiencing a “lack of innovation”. The company is however, showing consumers why Apple is the right choice and is also rumored to be introducing a smartwatch and even a television set.

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  1. BDP

    I love my ipad! never thought I’d own one but I won it through a contest and I can’t put it down. the display is beautiful! and it’s very fun to use. I love learning new stuff about it everyday. for someone like me, owning one isn’t neccessary but since I got it free you better believe I’ll take full advantage of it!

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