Apple (AAPL) Moves iWallet Plans Forward

Near Field Communications (NFC) allows the transmission of data between devices over short ranges. It is perfect for consumer financial and data transitions. And Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) very obviously intend that this kind of transaction will be able to be carried out from our iPhones in future.

One of NFC’s leading lights, Benjamin Vigler, recently moved to Apple where his job title, as per his LinkedIn profile, is “Product Manager of Mobile Commerce”.

We have reported previously on Apple’s patents and plans for linking in store information, purchases, and even location based advertising to your iPhone while you are out and about. And it seems that Apple are aiming to have at least some of this functionality and supporting framework in place in time for iPhone 5.

Perhaps with the new liquid metal technology that Apple have just exclusively licensed we can indeed expect an RFID enabled iWallet which can fold up and slip into our back pocket.

Are you looking forward to an iWallet? Let us know in the comments.



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