Apple’s iPhone 5 Coming in September?

Reuters is reporting a rumor that the next Apple iPhone, the iPhone 5, is due to start production in July this year, and begin shipping in September. Some reports have suggested that we might not even see an iPhone 5 this year, and it would at best be late.

This rumor seems to indicate that Apple will be putting the Apple A5 inside the iPhone 5, as many of us expected. The Apple A5 is the SoC which powers the iPad 2, and brings faster dual core CPU and GPU processing to their tablet.

The report also states that the iPhone 5 will follow a similar physical design to the iPhone 4; in effect looking the same. Previous reports have suggested a completely new design. But Apple has typically kept their device designs more or less similar over two product iterations for Mac, iPhone and the iPad over its history (although the latter of those devices has only had two releases to date).

It seems unlikely that Apple would let the year pass without updating its flagship product. And that despite rumored supply and production problems, linked to recent sad events in Japan, that they have managed to keep their product release schedule more or less on track. Perhaps even previewing the new device at the WWDC alongside an iOS 5 preview?

Will Apple pull off another iconic iPhone & iOS release this year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments…


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