Apple iPhone 5 to feature Dual Core A5 processor

iPhone 5 A5 Dual Core Photo

iPhone 5 A5 Dual Core PhotoThis is a little bit of a non-story, as the chances of Apple going with anything less than a dual core CPU in the iPhone 5 is extremely unlikely. And most of us are already pretty sure that the iPad 2’s Apple A5 SoC will most likely be pretty much what ends up inside Apple’s next iPhone – give or take a 10th of a Ghz or so. But it is nice to have these things confirmed.

Some nosey geeks have dug around inside some preference files inside the latest version of iOS 4.3. And in pretty much the same way that people have been able to glean future Apple device code numbers in the past, and make educated guesses at the number of flavours of iPhones, iPads or Macs that are coming out in Apple’s next product cycle, they have been able to find the identifiers for the iPhone 5’s CPU.

Exactly the same as the iPad 2 : S5L8940, so an Apple A5.

Excited to see what the A5 can do in a phone sized gadget? Or were you expecting more? Have your say in the comments…

{via Cult of Mac}


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