Apple’s First Generation iPhone to be retired

At the iPhone OS 4.0 “Sneak Peek” the original iPhone was conspicuous by it’s lack of a mention. The 3G was mentioned, but only in terms of it’s version of iPhone OS 4.0 being unable to multi-task.

Today Steve Jobs, who has been quite busy emailing from his own iPhone recently, replied to a customer enquiring about the future of the original iPhone. In his characteristically short reply he confirmed that the first version of our beloved iDevice family will not get iPhone OS 4.0, and will not get any further updates going forward.

Sorry, no.
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I have to wonder how long it will be before we see iPhone OS 4.0 hacked to run on the first iPhone. There is absolutely nothing making it technically impossible. And we’ve already seen that the iPhone 3G is capable of running iPhone OS 4.0 with multitasking enabled : []

Would you break away from Apple and jailbreak your original iPhone to get OS 4.0 goodness? Or to have your 3G multi-task? Let us know in the comments We promise not to tell Steve!



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