Apple’s iPad 3 to Sport Retina Display?

According to a new rumor few images found in iOS 5 beta 1 SDK point to the possibility of retina display in iPad 3. When Apple introduced retina display in iPhone 4 almost everyone believed that iPad 2 would also support the high resolution display. The second gen tablet actually turned out to feature the same display as the first gen tablet.

The high resolution images were reportedly found in the framework for integrating Twitter into Apple’s upcoming software update. The size was reported to be the double of 1,024×768 which implied that iPad 3 with retina display could support 2,048×1,536 resolution display.

Since, similar rumors made rounds when such images were found in iBooks app for first gen tablet we can’t be sure if this is strong indicator of retina display in third gen iPad.

Rumors about iPad 3 launch this September have been widely discussed but no credible evidence has been uncovered as yet. DigiTimes previously published a story which claimed that Apple has begun certifying parts for the next iPad and is looking at unveiling the product in 2012.

Apple could be preparing a high resolution display for the next iPad and it will be interesting to see what the company has in store for us.


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