Apple’s iOS Browser Share Grows, Still Beats Android

iOS Browser Share And Android

iOS Browser Share And Android

Android and Apple’s iOS browser market share are both growing far faster than BlackBerry as we enter the new year. Blackberry is almost standing still to be honest. Overall iOS browser share is still well over double that of Android, and towards the end of 2010 it started to accelerate and grow much faster than Android.

Currently iOS browser market share is almost at 2%, with Android somewhere below 0.5%, and Blackberry barely registering in data at 0.13%. All these figures are puny when compared to traditional desktop browser market share. But this is clearly set to change as mobile internet usage continues to grow at an increasing rate around the world.

The interesting thing to note about all these figures is that even with a considerable number of Android devices out there in the wild, their users simply don’t seem to be using them to browse the web much. Which also tends to suggest they perhaps are not downloading apps that much either.

Overall the mobile OS to go with is still iOS, in our opinion.

Is mobile Safari simply much nicer to use than Android’s browser? Or is there something else to this? Have your say in the comments…



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  1. Itstrey

    You don’t have to use the included browsers on either type of phone. I think Android users are more likely to know this.

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