Apple Investigating iPad 3 WiFi Issues, Giving Replacements

iPad 3 WiFi Issue Replacement

According to an internal AppleCare document, Apple is now investigating reports of WiFi issues on the new iPad 3. Since its introduction and release only a few weeks ago, many users have been complaining about WiFi issues from connection drops, slow download and upload speeds to the iPad being unable to pick up local WiFi networks. A recent thread in Appleā€™s online forum has received over 650 replies and continues to grow with users complaining and discussing the issue.

Currently, the WiFi models are the only versions of the iPad affected. According to a report from 9t05Mac, the black rubber cutout for 4G connectivity allows extra network power to come though, deterring any dropped or slow signals. Apple is reportedly having data collected from users sent back to engineering team which is currently looking into the issue and will likely address it in a future software update.

The Cupertino company is offering replacements to any users who have WiFi related issues, as they do with any defective or malfunctioning devices. At this point, it is unclear exactly how many users have been affected and how many devices have this issue, but it will likely get addressed very soon.

Are you having issues with your new iPad? Have you gotten a replacement? Let us know in the comments below.

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5 Comments on “Apple Investigating iPad 3 WiFi Issues, Giving Replacements”

  1. Tjunk

    Yep.  I bought 2 Ipad 3’s.  One 32 GB ipad3 on sun 4/15  and an ipad 16 GB on 4/17 at the same store in abq and the 16gb wifi works only when it wants, the 32gb wifi works no problem side by side!!!! wtf!!  I got into Computer Science because of 1984!  so i’ve been around and this ain’t right. 

  2. JulieG

    I have the 16 gb, 4G+ Wifi model.  The Wifi works fine on some networks and not at all on others (i.e, works fine on my home network; appears to be connected to the wireless where I work, but churns and churns and nothing loads – even though my iPhone is connected and loads quickly; connects at first to my parents’ wireless but loses connectivity after a couple of mins – even though other my mom’s Kindle Fire and my brother’s iPad 1 is holding a connection.)  Apple replaced my iPad on Saturday but I’m having the same problem at work with the new one.  Haven’t been back to my parents’ house yet to test but I imagine I will the same issue.  I had the iPad 1 so I am very familiar with how it should perform and I am sorely disappointed.  It is very frustrating to have spent $650 on what I thought was an upgraded device when my older device is definitely the superior unit.   

  3. Mike

    Got an ipad 3 wi-fi 16 gb.Wi-fi did not work at all.Took it back and Apple just assumed it was my wi-fi connection.Nope.Faulty product.Apple is the most overrated company out there.Got my money back,didn’t want a replacement.

  4. C Bradbrook

    Got my new iPad 5 days ago and it struggles in my home on wifi connection. Hurry and fix soon!!

    1. Jeff

      The first gen iPad had a wifi connect problem. It took apple 4 month to fix. With a software update. I took it back and waited for iPad 2 but I waited a few months after its release to get the bugs worked out from apple.

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