Apple to introduce iAd for Video Content?

Publishers who want to deliver premium content/service to their audience for free often have to rely on advertisements. Serving ads for publishers providing video content is very limited on Apple’s iOS devices due to the absence of Adobe Flash, however this might change as Apple is rumored to be working on iAds for video content which could be introduced very soon.

MacRumors today reported that NewTeeVee published a report which suggested that Apple is working on adding the capability to add “in-stream ads” for video content providers:

The ad product would not only enable video publishers to serve their own ads against videos on the iPhone or iPad, but it would give Apple the ability to act as a video ad network for those that don’t wish to sell their own inventory. The in-stream ad system is also expected to have some targeting capabilities built-in, with mobile location data and anonymous user behavior data to help deliver targeted ads to consumers.

This is certainly an interesting development as iAd for video content could open a whole new world of possibilities for iOS devices and would encourage even more publishers to come forward and provide their content. According to sources familiar with this matter Apple is expected to introduce the new ad product as early as Apple’s annual January event and will include the capability to target the ads geographically and would support both Quicktime and HTML5-delivered video.


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