Apple Inc. (AAPL) VP of Retail Jerry McDougal Leaves Company, Replaced by VP of Finance, Jim Bean

Jerry McDougal

Jerry McDougal

Apple Inc. (AAPL) has had yet another management shift, making it the third retail executive departure from the company in the past year. According to IFOAppleStore, Apple’s VP of Retail, Jerry McDougal has left the company to spend more time with his family. McDougal has been a part of the company for 12 years, running Apple’s retail marketing, product merchandising, store operations, loss prevention and customer loyalty programs and worked under Apple’s former retail chief, Ron Johnson. Johnson left the company to become CEO of JC Penney to help the company reshape its retail future.

A key player in the birth of Apple’s retail chain and a potential candidate to lead the retail stores has left the company. Jerry McDougal, Vice-President of Retail, said goodbye to his colleagues last Friday, sources say. His departure was explained as not work-related, but rather so he could spend more time with his family.

McDougal was considered as a replacement for Johnson when he left the company for JC Penney and then again for John Browett who left the company late last year, alongside iOS chief Scott Forstall who was ousted from the company because of issues with Maps and Siri, as well as personal issues with other executives. According to AllThingsD, McDougal will be replaced by Apple’s VP of Finance, Jim Bean.

Jim Bean is moving to Retail to help support our store teams. Jim has been at Apple for 15 years and is a great leader who understands our culture and focus on customer service.

Apple expects employees on the campus to dedicate large portions of their daily time and lives to the company, and recently has been placing the duties of departing executives on other vice presidents at the company. Ultimately, Apple is restructuring the management team that once operated under former CEO and Chairman, Steve Jobs.

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2 Comments on “Apple Inc. (AAPL) VP of Retail Jerry McDougal Leaves Company, Replaced by VP of Finance, Jim Bean”

  1. Michael Suozzi

    Nobody cares!
    Why do you think they put a scantily clad girl at the top of the page?
    Only way to get you to read more.
    AAPL stores continue to generate more $ PSF than any retailer on earth.
    Johnson was no genius. It doesn’t take much to build a clean environment that only has a few dozen items on the floor; which was his responsibility.
    The “experience” was not his doing.
    Also; if the guy was so smart; why is JCP in the state it is since he joined them?
    Additionally; I would retire too if I reaped the $$ he did over the last decade.

  2. mihaelb

    Rats leaving the ship as it sinks?
    Seems suspicious that so many execs are being shuffled-around/leaving, all on top of more and more negative news about various Apple products, policies and actions around the world…

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