Apple Inc. (AAPL) Orders 10 Million iPad Mini Displays

iPad Mini

iPad Mini

On Monday, a report from The Wall Street Journal mentioned that Apple Inc. (AAPL) has placed orders for around 10 million iPad mini tablets to supply chain vendors. This information reportedly came directly from the chain vendors in Asia who claim that they received the orders from AAPL.

If the proposed information turns out to be true, this means that Apple has long finalized the design and the hardware internals of the device as it is now in production and that the rumors about the Mini seen in the past may very well be true.

Some component suppliers to Apple in Asia say they have received orders to make more than 10 million units of the smaller tablets in the fourth quarter. That is roughly double the order that were placed for Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets in the same quarter, these suppliers say. The figure indicates that Apple believes demand for the product will be strong, despite stiff competition in the market. Apple hasn’t responded to requests for comment on the smaller tablet dubbed by the industry as the iPad mini.

Over the past few weeks, rumors about the new iPad Mini have slowed down, likely pointing to the fact that there are no new part leaks, and all of the rumored information available may be what is going to be in the final version.

Apple currently dominates the tablet industry, with its 9.7 inch iPad, however, consumers are also beginning to opt for smaller screen sizes for portability and cheaper prices. With a 7 inch iPad Mini, Apple can continue to lead the market and provide users with a cheaper, smaller option without sacrificing any features.

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