Apple Inc. (AAPL) Launches 128GB iPad

128GB iPad

128GB iPad

Last week Apple Inc. (AAPL) announced that it would be offering a new iPad model with more storage. Today AAPL began offering the 128GB iPad on its online store with shipping estimate as 1-3 business days.

The higher capacity iPad is available in WiFi and WiFi + cellular models. The cellular models will be available with AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. 128GB WiFi costs $799 and WiFi+Cellular costs $929. Both versions carry $100 premium which is consistent with Apple’s existing pricing strategy for the iPad.

Apple announced the 128GB iPad on January 29, 2013 via a press release and highlighted the importance of offering twice the storage of the 64GB version. With more and more apps being available for the iPad, more flash storage would allow users to work with larger files and photos.

At a price of $929 for the WiFi + Cellular model the pricing is just $70 less than the entry level MacBook Air. With apps AutoCAD, iWork, iLife and many more available on the App Store users can create more content on their tablet. The new model would also help Apple push the profit margins.

Apple has been struggling with supply constraints, which affected both the new iMac and the iPad mini. During the earnings call Tim Cook noted that Apple could have pushed more iMac sales if the supply constraints would have not affected the launch. It will be interesting to see if Apple will be able to manage the supply for its new launches and push for higher sales figures.


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