Apple Inc. (AAPL) to Launch Polycarbonate iPhone with 4.5 inch Display in 2014?



According to Japanese site Macotakara, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is changing its original launch timeframe for a cheaper iPhone and is looking to introduce a polycarbonate iPhone with a 4.5 inch display. This would make the device slightly larger than the current 4 inch display on the iPhone 5. AAPL is expected to be working on two new iPhones, one which is expected to arrive this year, and the other in 2014.

This year’s iPhone is expected to be a follow-up to the current iPhone 5 and is dubbed the ‘iPhone 5S’. The 5S is rumored to include a dual-flash LED module on the back side of the iPhone to aid in picture taking and will likely retain the same design as the iPhone 5.

The ‘iPhone 6’ expected in 2014 is rumored to be entirely different than any iPhone generation seen before and will carry a polycarbonate body, the same material as the discontinued white MacBooks. The new device will also reportedly have a larger 4.5 inch display, which will allow users to choose from a range of different screen sizes.

By using the thicker material, Apple will immensely increase the durability of the iPhone. However, the polycarbonate material will also cause the finished product to be thicker than the current iPhone 5. Apple has also been rumored to match the price point of the new iPhone with that of the iPad mini, selling both devices for a retail price of $330.

It is not surprising that Apple is looking to release iPhones with different screen sizes, as competition from many companies stiffens, particularly Samsung which sells Android devices in a range of different screen sizes for as cheap as $100. By introducing the iPhone with different screen sizes, Apple will retain its iconic price points and design ethic, while offering users an option to choose their screen size as it fits with their needs.

{Via AppleInsider}


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