Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPad Dominates Even the Big Boys of PC Sales

iPad Vs PC Sales

iPad Vs PC Sales

As we all know, Apple Inc. (AAPL) has released its newest version of the much ballyhooed iPad, dubbed “The new iPad”. Why doesn’t AAPL give it some crazy sleek name to promote it? They don’t have to. The iPad is currently outselling HP in total PC Sales in units. Impressive? Yes, especially when you add to that list Dell, Lenovo and Acer.

The numbers alone are impressive but this just further proves how big of a market disruptor the iPad is. This slide was surely tough for PC manufacturers to stomach when they saw it at the launch of “The new iPad”. Apple CEO Tim Cook sure looked like he was proud of it. Matt Rosoff wrote an article on the Business Insider stating “Apple sold 15.4 million iPads last quarter. That’s more than any PC maker’s total PC sales during the same quarter.”

Between the iPad, iPhone and iPod, Apple sold 172 million devices last year. All PC makers combines to sell 350 million PCs last year. Sure they got beat, but that is an insane number when you are considering mobile devices versus laptops. Who’s job doesn’t require a PC anymore?

The transition to the mobile devices such as the iPad has caused some to speak of a possible “Post-PC” era that is looming. While I don’t think we’ll see a true “Post-PC era” for some time, we’re definitely seeing a shift in how people use their devices.


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  1. meow

    “Between the iPad, iPhone and iPod, Apple sold 172 million devices last year”
    Good grief. This should say “among” instead of “between”.  That is one of my biggest pet peeves.

  2. YujinNY

    With apps like onlive, I can see cloud computing taking off soon. Yes, that is a very good technology that can make devices like the iPad the main “PC” in your live.

  3. Richie_P6

    What do you expect? Most people only use their home PC – whether it’s a desktop or a laptop – for web surfing (including web-based email and online movies). The iPad is good enough at web surfing, so the vast majority of people can replace their home PC with an iPad.
    Their work computer is another story, but there are still enough homes out there to sell a lot of iPads.

    1. YujinNY

      Like a $500 PC will do much in terms of hardcore gaming of video processing? Right? The problem with “crazy” humans is that they have more brains than you. They don’t rely on specs, but the benefits and the usability of the device. What good does a 2k laptop do for a 70 year old woman if she cannot even turn it on? And god forbid if she deletes something from the windows folders. Then she is really screwed.

      Apple just makes a simple and easy to use device that the non-techies can use and be as productive as anyone else. Bad? Only an idiotic nerd will agree.

      1. pyrotechnomimus

        Just as a note, we sell quite a few computers to 70+ year old women in my store.  The reason we do so, is they understand the computer very well and often use Microsoft Office for things such as gift cards for family members.  They have for a few decades, and they continue to wish to do so.  Another useable function for them is burning DVD slideshows of pictures, and scanning those pictures in through an all-in-one printer.  Add on top of that, many of them still print.  No, a 70 year old woman specifically would benefit from a $500 computer over a $500 iPad.  We see older folks bring Pad devices back because they don’t have the patience or the courage to learn something new, and because their use patterns dictate a computer probably more than a 20-something who’s just chatting on facebook.As a separate note, since Vista if you delete a windows folder/file you need to give permission to do so, in Windows 7 you have to first enter the security of the folder and add permissions for that user to delete a system required folder/file, and last when you restart next it will offer to do a windows startup repair and will fix any files missing.  So, yes, that 70 year old woman seems quite safe in buying a computer still.

  4. Spain266

    Apple also had a two IPad purchase limit on the ope launch of the new Ipad and they still sold 15 million. Wonder how many millions more they would have sold if there was no limit. I went to 3 stores before I found a place that wasnt sold out of them. Oh new just in aaple IOS is going to power Baidu search for China….go AAPL go!!!!

      1. Anon

         Could you explain the similarities between the current Tech Trend and the tech bubble before?  Apple seems to be a strong company with great fundamentals. 

        1. pyrotechnomimus

          If by great fundamentals you mean being the Microsoft of the late 90s early 2000s era.  Anti-competitive tactics in almost every single major software/service they provide.  They are also running the worst possible security patch setup, allowing too many people to get infected by malware before doing anything about it.  They still haven’t patched a security hole in Safari that’s been around for years and regularly used to remote hack into them during hacking contests (a problem their Pad and Pod devices have inherited).  Oh, and they also charge ridiculous amounts of money to only be 4th place this last year for reliability?  And they never do recalls on things like the yellow tinged iPad screens, the Yellow Lined iMacs, the issues with specific SSDs breaking in many of their older Airs, the list goes on.  They are a company that is taking over through marketing, and yearly consumption.  This is a company not doomed for failure, but definitely to hurt its name in the next few years if they do not change their policies internally specifically on how they look out for their consumers pre-emptively. 

      2. Luthan

        you clearly have no idea of what you’re talking about.  during the tech bubble, companies had valuations of over 1000 p/e.  apple is at 12 the way this year is going.  if apple was at a level of tech bubble, it would be trading at $50,000 a share right now.   

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