Apple Inc. (AAPL) Set to Bring New iPad to China Gains Certification for Cellular Model

New iPad 3 China

Recently, the Chinese government approved the sale of the new iPad in the country, and the WiFi version of the popular tablet went on sale after being certified. In a report from MarketWatch, it was confirmed that the Cellular model of the new iPad, identified as such by the A1430 model number in the database, received its network access license early on Wednesday.

As a result, Apple will now be able to sell the Cellular model in addition to the WiFi models in China and will be able to begin shipping to Apple Stores in the country. Apple has been continuously adding to the list of countries receiving the new iPad, and is now beginning to introduce its products in new markets across Asia, which is also a large source of Apple’s international revenue.

According to China’s Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center, an Apple device with third-generation, high-speed wireless data capabilities has been issued the license needed for the company to begin sales in China.

The device, listed as “model number A1430″ is compatible with the 3G standard wide band code division multiple access, or WCDMA. The language used by the regulator suggests the device is the new iPad, which has yet to launch in China. Vendors often begin selling new devices within weeks of network access licenses being granted.

Apple is continuously adding to their country selection page; last week, the Philippines and Guam, and most recently Honduras and Paraguay. Apple’s new iPad is continuing to dominate the tablet computer market and will continue to help the company’s revenue increase as they enter new and emerging markets overseas.

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