Apple iAd Global Roll-out [JCPenney Ad]

iAd Nissan

Apple’s iAd has been a little slow at filling the available inventory and has been criticized for long production process. Mobile advertising is a new platform for Apple and they want to have complete control and offer the most interactive experience. Participating brands and developers who have integrated iAd into their apps have reported that Apple’s iAd has been successful in engaging the audience and keep them interested for longer duration when compared with other digital ads.

iAd NissanEarly today the developer of SimplyTweet (twitter app for iPhone) who is based in Singapore  updated his twitter status after noticing the first iAd on the lite version of his app. The initial launch of iAd was limited to iPhone users in US and now it seems that Apple is prepared to make its mobile ads available worldwide. The ads are now appearing for the Indian users too.

The JCPenney ad is yet another example of Apple’s rich media ads which attempts to bring motion and emotion to mobile advertising. When you click the ad you can be prepared to spend at least 10 minutes as it features a lot of content for you to explore.

The ad allows you to enter “style mixer” to create your own style and save it as an image. It features the “jcp store locator” and allows you to purchase “JCPenney Weekly Deals” app for iPhone in the background (even on iPod touch 2G) The ad also features back-to-school photo shoot, 40 seconds video of “cambio style” and allows you to purchase the tune which it previews within the app. The ad has a 3×3 grid navigation on the top right which helps you to explore the rich content. You’ll notice a mini game and some animation too.

The ad has so much of content to explore that it felt more like an app than an ad. Overall the JCPenney Ad was fun and certainly engaging. Checkout the image gallery below:

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