Apple Field Testing Revised iPhone 4: CDMA Version on its Way?

Apple has begun testing a revised version of its hugely popular iPhone 4, fuelling speculation that a CDMA-compatible device may be on its way in early 2011, according to an unconfirmed report from Boy Genius Report.

The report published on Monday claimed that iPhone model 3,2 is currently in its field-testing stage, while the next-generation of iPhone (iPhone 5?) has advanced to the ‘Engineering Verification Test’ stage of the development cycle.

From the BGR report:

“We have been told that iPhone model 3,2 — what everyone is assuming to be the Verizon (or at least CDMA-compatible) phone — just hit the “AP” testing stage. This is the very last stage before retail release; final hardware, almost final software.”

The number ‘3,2’ is a device identifier used by Apple to identify many of its devices, including the iPhone. The first digit refers to major revisions, and the second to minor revisions, therefore, the 3,2 device should refer to a revised iPhone 4 and not a next-gen version of the device.

BGR’s source claims that the iPhone 3,2 version will contain a SIM card slot, which is generally only used by a GSM device. Rumors surrounding a Verizon CDMA iPhone however, say that chip provider Qualcomm could supply Apple with a dual-mode baseband chip that would support both GSM and CDMA networks.

[via AppleInsider]


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