Apple Details OS X Lion Upgrade Process for Volume License Customers

Apple Details OS X Lion Upgrade Process for Volume License Customers

Apple Details OS X Lion Upgrade Process for Volume License Customers

Apple has taken the next leap in digital space with Mac OS X Lion being offered only via Mac App Store. The company has been incredibly successful with its store for iOS apps and now it seems that they are all geared up to take the store for Mac Apps to a new level.

Apple recently offered some clarity on the upgrade process for education and corporate customers who mostly purchase volume licenses. The thought of downloading Lion on each system and setting up different Apple ID’s raised some concerns for the IT department. However, Apple seems to have all worked out with a very easy way for its customers.

By making Lion available only from Mac App Store Apple aims to encourage more and more people to use its store for buying their favorite software. Of course users with limited bandwidth and slow broadband connections might not like waiting for the 4GB download but that’s the only way they can upgrade their Macs.

Business customers will be able to purchase Lion by contacting Apple via phone or through the Business Store for $29.99 per license with a minimum requirement of 20 licenses. Education customers can either contact Apple directly or their Apple Education Account Representatives or the Education Store. The education license is priced at $39 and includes iLife and iWork too but the minimum license requirement would be 25 in number.

Once volume license customers have purchased Lion they will get a redeem code which can be redeemed in the Mac App Store. Once the code is redeemed the Lion installer will be downloaded in the Applications folder and also appear on the Dock. Users are advised not to install Lion but locate the Install Mac OS X Lion application in the folder and copy it on all the systems which need to be upgraded. This completely eliminates the need to boot from an external disk and administrators would also be able to use System Image Utility in OS X Lion Server to create a NetInstall or NetRestore Image.

Software updates will continue to be provided via Software Update for OS X Lion so that customers don’t have to create separate Apple ID’s for each system.

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