Apple Begins Selling Lightning to Micro USB Adapter in the United States

Lighting to Micro USB Adapter

Lighting to Micro USB Adapter

Apple is now selling a new adapter for charging the iPhone 5 and other iOS devices that use the new Lightning connector. Previously, Apple sold the Lightning to 30-pin dock connector, allowing users of the older generations of the iPhone to use their existing chargers and accessories on their new devices. The latest adapter, Lightning to Micro USB allows any customer with a Micro USB charger to also charge their new iOS devices on their existing chargers.

This means that users of smartphones such as Blackberry’s and a multitude of Android phones that moved over to the iPhone will now be able to use the chargers from their older device. The adaper was initially sold to European customers only, as EU laws require that phones sold in Europe be able to charge via MicroUSB.

EU only requires that the device or manufacturer of the device to simply allow support for Micro USB as opposed to including an accessory for customers. By introducing the new adapter in the United States as well, Apple has now satisfied EU requirements and has provided US customers with yet another charging alternative. However, it does come at a price as the new Lightning to Micro USB charger will cost users a rather hefty $19 before taxes and shipping.

{Via MacRumors}


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