Apple Activates Assistive Touch Feature in iOS 5 Beta 3

Apple Activates Assistive Touch in iOS 5 Beta 3

Apple Activates Assistive Touch in iOS 5 Beta 3

We recently reported that Apple released iOS 5 Beta 3 to developers and now MacRumors reports that the latest release activates Assistive Touch features. The settings for these features were in place long before the release of Beta 3 but failed to make an appearance until now.

The new features are targeted for those who don’t prefer using the Home Button or hardware buttons for features such as Orientation Lock, Volume, Shake To Shuffle, and Lock Screen. The new settings allow users to activate a menu overlay on the iPad by pressing on a designated corner. Gestures, that users may have forgotten can be brought up with one single tap.

Apple Activates Assistive Touch in iOS 5 Beta 3-4

This will make navigating the device much easier. It is unclear whether Apple is looking to include more features in the new Assistive Touch feature, although it seems apparent from photos, that the new feature is user customizable. It could even be used later for multitasking and switching between applications, in case Apple decides to scrap the home button all together and go for an entirely touch based operation in future devices.

Are you looking forward to this feature? Do you think Apple should implement more features like this? Sound off in the comments below!


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  1. LifeSizeActionFigure

    The way I see it, there is no new technology invented in the last few months that makes this suddenly available to IOS devices.  The question I am raising is why is Apple _just_now_ adding this feature to the OS?  Things like copy and paste and this important accessibility feature should have been in there since the very beginning, or at least added retroactively to older OS versions as they were invented and not pushed out as an “only available on the latest devices” sort of update that Apple is famous for.  

    1. Mail

      On a video from a developer on YouTube had these features active on his iPhone running iOS 5 ( no jailbreak) if it comes to mind

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