Apple’s Stunning App Store Hyperwall at WWDC 2010

In “Apple World” the equivalent of Christmas is WWDC. And in “Apple World” the equivalent of a Christmas Tree is an App Store Hyperwall!

Currently on display at WWDC is a veritable Christmas Tree celebrating the eternal Christmas of Apple’s iTunes App Store.

Apple’s Hyperwall, put simply, is 30 LED screens which together form a video wall showing the top selling 50,000 apps in the App Store cascading down in a virtual waterfall of real time sales data. Each falling icon representing an app sale.

Apple’s own PR describes it like this:

This hyperwall is powered by 30 Mac Pro towers with Mac OS X Snow Leopard and EVGA NVIDIA GTX 285 graphics cards. As apps are downloaded from the App Store, their data is coalesced via an XML feed every five minutes. Apps are sorted and scheduled using Cocoa and Objective-C. The data is then passed to an OpenCL kernel, which drives the animation. Quartz Composer brings all the technologies together and renders the final synchronized output using Quartz Composer Visualizer.

It is both a geek fest visually, and in the underlying technology that powers it.

There is a video available, below. I spent a while watching it very closely to see if I could see any Apps I have been involved in. What a great feeling to see those little virtual pennies fall from heaven as you visit Santa’s grotto.

Did you spot any apps you recognise, or were involved in in the video? Let us know in the comments…


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  1. Softwave Kay

    wow, sounds great, and i wanna share my apps here in my mac computer, Saying, not having some of these tools is like having half a Mac. You may check these apps on your computer.LOL

    xPad:For most writing a word processor is overkill.

    Winx HD video converter for MAC -An easy-to-use video converter, both SD and HD videos are available.

    OpenPlist- A very cool little tool if you need to end up editing Plist files.

    iEatBrainz: automatically adds the right song, artist, and album info to your iTunes music.

    Google Earth: everyone knows goooooogle, the 3D map gets better and better…

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