Apple Announces Revamped Mac App Store During WWDC Keynote

Mac App Store Lion

Mac App Store Lion

Apple just announced at their annual WWDC conference that the Mac App Store, previously downloadable will be built in to Mac OS X Lion. Apple also announced that the Mac App Store will now be a feature part of Lion and will allow In-app purchases to be downloaded directly to the app.

Apple also featured something called LaunchPad, which is initiated using a gesture to show an iOS-like display of icons you can page through as well as push notifications which will allow apps to be stored in folders.

This will make the Mac App Store very similar to an iOS interface. Another feature, Resume, instantly resume where you were in an application after you quit it and even works system wide, so that when you reboot all of your windows and apps return how they were. This makes the security of the Mac App Store much more stable and allows users to download applications to their Mac with ease, something that was a painstaking process in Snow Leopard.

Apple has also decided to taking a different move for Mac OS X this year and now allows users to download the entire software from the Mac App Store, instead of an install disc. This makes it much easier for users to purchase and transfer files, and hinders pirating of software install discs.

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