Apple’s Allegation Will Not Be Legally Problematic – Samsung

Samsung Apple Lawsuit

We recently reported that Samsung filed a notion requesting the court to ask Apple to show prototypes of iPhone 5 and iPad 3 as a part of the “discovery process”. Apple earlier this year filed a lawsuit against Samsung alleging that it had copied the look and feel of iPhone. During a recent interview with WSJ the chief of mobile division at Samsung, J.K. Shin said:

“We didn’t copy Apple’s design,” Mr. Shin said. “We have used many similar designs over the past years and it [Apple’s allegation] will not be legally problematic.” He suggested the scale of the lawsuit could grow, though he didn’t provide more details.

Even though Apple thinks Samsung has violated its “valuable intellectual property rights” the Korean giant feels that it won’t be a major cause of concern however, Mr. Shin did not comment on future implications.

The legal battle between Samsung and Apple continues to grow and doesn’t show signs of an early settlement. The legal spat is expected to continue for at least a few years until some substantial outcome can be seen. Such lawsuits are very common among big corporations and specially when it comes to technology companies where patent lawsuits are very common.

It will be interesting to see if Apple can indeed prove it in the courts that Samsung’s products are very similar to Apple’s design. The Cupertino based company basically feels that Samsung’s product could trick a customer to think that it was actually Apple’s new iPhone. When I visited a local mobile store recently to buy a protective screen cover for my Samsung phone the sales guy actually asked me if it was the iPhone 4. And obviously one can’t deny that Samsung’s UI and hardware design does look very similar to Apple’s design.

[via MacRumors]


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