Apple Airs iPad Mini TV Ad “Piano”

iPad mini TV Ad

iPad mini TV Ad

Early last week, following the announcement of the new iPad mini, Apple began airing the first television ad for the 7.9 inch device. Apple’s SVP of Industrial Design, Jony Ive mentioned that the company focused on creating the iPad mini from the ground up rather than shrinking down the full sized iPad.

He also mentioned that Apple’s reason for doing this was because if the iPad mini was a shrunken down version, users would only be aware of the limitations of the device, as opposed to embracing the device as an entirely new product. The ad, called “Piano” focuses on exactly that, showing the full sized iPad next to the iPad mini playing the popular song “Heart and Soul”, which suggests that the iPad mini is capable of doing everything the full sized iPad does and runs full sized iPad apps.

The ad begins with the full sized iPad playing the song, and the iPad mini chiming in with the tune. The ad then ends with the Apple logo, followed simply by “iPad mini”.


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