Apple Airs Three Genius Mac TV Ads During Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

Apple Mac Genius TV Ad

Apple Mac Genius TV Ad

Apple often airs ads for its products during major award shows and sports events, and continued the tradition during the London 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony by airing a series of 3 ads. However, these ads were not for the popular iPhone 4S, or the Siri personal assistant, but for Apple’s Genius Bar services.

The first ad, “Mayday” shows an Apple Genius aboard a plane, wearing his classic blue shirt when he gets approached by a frantic flight attendant who tells him that a passenger needs help editing an iMovie project. The Genius rushes over and helps the passenger in time for landing, and then runs over to another passenger who has trouble editing a keynote.

Following the release of “Mayday”, which aired at the beginning of the ceremony, Apple went ahead and aired “Labor Day”. In this ad, the Genius’ neighbor knocks on his door late at night to tell him that his wife has gone into labor, but veers off topic and begins to discuss iPhoto projects, Letterpress cards, and photo books. The Genius quickly describes some of the features of iPhoto and then says, “And we can talk about all of that, on the way to the hospital”.

At the end of the Olympic Game opening, Apple aired the third Genius Bar ad, called “Basically”. The ad showed the same Genius in the two previous ads standing at a food cart, when he is approached by a man who claims to have “basically” purchased a Mac.

The Genius begins to question the man and asks if his new “Mac” has iPhoto, iMovie, or Garageband and comes to realization that the computer he purchased was fake. Like all of the other Genius ads, Apple highlights some of the great features and applications only found on the Mac and ends the ad with the classic Apple logo, with the word “Mac” next to it.

These latest string of ads are very different than anything Apple has ever aired before, and does not focus on any specific feature. The ad instead focuses on the knowledge of the Mac and Apple services by Genius Bar employees.

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