Apple (AAPL) Q4 Financial Results Today. What to Expect?

AAPL Q4 2010 Results

AAPL Q4 2010 Results

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) will present its 2010 4th Quarter (Q4) results today at 2pm Pacific Time, and 5pm Eastern Time. The big question in the mind of many people is, will Apple beat a $20 Billion Quarter?

What we pretty much know already is that iPad sales will come in at around 5 Million units. And the iPhone will probably hit 12 million. This is despite manufacturing problems for Apple on both devices, and “Antenna-gate” plaguing the iPhone 4 launch.

We expect Mac sales to have held strong, despite some naysayers predicting that the iPad would ultimately cannibalize Mac sales, as well as affecting the rest of the market.

It is often repeated, but nonetheless no less true, that the iPad is on target to be the most adopted consumer electronic device in history. And that will ultimately make Apple the biggest manufacturer of “PCs”, if you include the iPad in that category, in the US. Using that grading system Apple is heading for 25% of the US PC market. If that arc continues on as it has so far this year, in a little over a year predictions place Apple as the world’s leading PC company.

Recent moves by companies in the IT and financial fields to integrate the iPad into the business environment is set only to give Apple an even greater lead over the rest of the PC industry in yet another fresh market place. Where Apple have momentum with brand name, a stable tested OS and great hardware that people love to use.

AAPL is currently at an all time high of around $315 per share. Expect that to drop back slightly tomorrow, if only because Apple has not even further exceeded greedy wall street trader’s hopes. Ultimately we are looking at a share price heading for $350 before years end and some say as high as $500 – $700 in coming years, if the global market gets back on track. In short : AAPL is still hugely undervalued.

Considering the coming crossover between iOS and OS X, and their respective mobile and desktop hardware platforms, we may hear some hints of that at the OS X 10.7 “sneak peek” reveal in a few days time. Let’s not forget Apple’s push to make its MacBook Air more of a netbook with iOS leanings, shaved down size and solid state drives, all at a “bargain price”, thanks in some part to a partnership with leading tablet rival and silicon / RAM / screen manufacturing partner Samsung.

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