App Store Nears 250,000 Apps. Facebook Hits 100 Million

Facebook, which some would claim is probably the most used service on iPhone (via the Facebook app particularly), has passed 100 Million active users this weekend. Coincidentally that is close to the total number of iOS Devices that Apple has sold.

Meanwhile Apple’s own iTunes App Store now boasts close to 250,000 Apps currently in its storefront, and has had some 300,000 different Apps pass through it during its lifetime. The 50,000 differential is for Apps that have either been pulled by their own authors, or removed by Apple.

Is 250,000 Apps and 100 Million users impressive to you? Or is it simply too many apps and too many people? Are you one of the millions that uses Facebook on your iPhone? Let us know your views in the comments…



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  1. Facebook Apps

    I can only assume this also included all the iPod Touch installs as the app doesn’t differentiate between the two on install, it always shows as ‘from Facebook for iPhone’ or something.

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