Android Surpasses Apple’s iPhone in Recent US Sales



During the six months leading up to August of this year smartphone handset sales break down like this:

Android : 32%
iPhone : 25%
Blackberry : 26%

While Apple’s iPhone market share has held steady, Android’s has grown. Overall the iPhone’s install base has actually grown slightly to 29%, and RIM’s Blackberry share has dropped. But the real winner is Android. Who’s user base has grown to 19%.

Of course these figures are hugely subjective. Android is available on multiple carriers, and in multiple flavors of handsets. Not to mention in many flavors of bargain basement deals.

The iPhone is just one type of device. Perhaps two if you really want to push the definition and is only available on one carrier in the US .

Yes, these figures are US only. If you take a look at the European market, where the iPhone is available on multiple carriers, the figures are very very different.

Both Apple and the myriad of Android handset manufacturers have pushed out new models in this period. So have Blackberry, for that matter. Apple with it’s iPhone 4, and Samsung, HTC, RIM and Motorola with their various gizmos. So new device halo effects can be discounted to some degree on all formats.

Is the iPhone doomed? Or is the market just finding its natural level? Have your say in the comments…



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