Alarmy(Sleep If U Can) for iPhone Now FREE for Limited Time



Having problem waking up on time even after setting an alarm? Alarmy(Sleep If U Can) app for iPhone by Delight Room Co., Ltd. promises to solve your problem.

Most alarm clock apps can easily be muted with a simple tap or sliding the screen. However, for those of us who set the alarm off only to later realise they are late for their meeting Alarmy offers two unique ways to make sure you’re wide awake when the alarm rings.

When setting a new alarm you can choose to either stop the alarm by matching a photo that you’ve previously stored or selecting the number of times to shake the phone. If you have a hard time waking up to the set alarm or end up snoozing, take a picture of an object or room far away from your bed. The app will keep ringing the alarm until you take a picture of the exact same location or object.

There are other options for switching off the alarm such as shake or the default slide the screen. The app features different colour themes and the user interface is very intuitive and fun.


With Alarmy app for your iPhone you’ll never miss that important date or meeting. It does what an alarm app was always supposed to do. The app continues to work even if you close the app from the background process. This feature alone makes Alarmy for iPhone a powerful alarm clock app.

The app is currently available for free for a limited time. Download this app today and be assured that your iPhone with Alarmy will make sure you wake up.

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