Aera: Upcoming Flight Simulator For iPhone Ready To Land On App Store

Aera iPhone Flight Simulator X Plane

Like many others we love games which utilize the power of 3D graphics in iPhone, offer addictive gameplay combined with high action and replay value.

Aera defined as “casual 2.5D flight simulator” has been in development for a long time (first video was posted in July) and now it’s ready to hit the app store any day.

ichromo updated their twitter status today saying:

Finally! Aera is submitted to the AppStore; status is “in review”. Sorry, it took us so long :)

The trailer looks very impressive and the 3D environment is gorgeous. Aera boasts of it’s “Advanced and carefully tuned physics simulation” which is quite evident in the trailer.

Aera for iPhone/iPod touch promises high replay value by offering different game modes (Aerobatic, Dog-fight, Race & Free Flight), multiplayer game, weapons to unlock and more airplanes.

ichromo has undeniably packed every possible feature which would make ‘Aera’ a success on App Store!

Aera for iPhone: Trailer


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