7th gen iPod nano – Apple reinvents the iPod nano again!

7th gen iPod nano

7th gen iPod nano

Apple’s head of iOS product marketing Greg Joswiak came on stage during Wednesday’s iPhone 5 media event in San Francisco to announce the new 7th generation iPod nano. Apple has experimented with the iPod nano various times over the past few years. The company has tried different form factors and features for the nano lineup, from nano with video and then slimmer longer nano and then multitouch nano which many used as a wrist watch.

The new iPod nano sports a much larger screen than its predecessor, has the new Lightning connector and separate hard volume buttons on the left side. The new design looks very similar to Apple’s iPod touch, with a home button included on the bottom, and a home screen to launch apps from.

In the latest generation, Apple has brought back widescreen video playback and retained features such as the FM tuner with live pause, pedometer built-in, and integrated with Nike+. The iPod nano has not changed much feature wise but has gotten a larger, more integrated design with Apple’s product lineup. The new 7th generation nano, will have over 30 hours of music playback due its larger battery and will be starting at $149 for a 16GB device. It will be shipping in October.

7 Comments on “7th gen iPod nano – Apple reinvents the iPod nano again!”

  1. Eggroll

    What a disappointment. Its a scaled down version of the Touch, and barely cheaper in price; might as well get a iPod Touch.
    Most Nano users use it for fitness so the size and clip were very important. We expected Bluetooth to do away with annoying wires while working out or running. Thankfully we got that now. BUT the increased size and lack of a clip leaves us without a way of carrying it. No clip means I cant clip it to my sports bra strap or clothing; 2.5″ size means it wont fit in most media player pockets or worn on the wrist like a watch, and use of an armband is not practical in most fitness activities.

    The only good thing I see with the new Nano is that the price will drop on the 6th gen.

    1. CreamOfSumYungGuy

      Oh just opposite……… 6th Gen will go up in price as it won’t be made any more. Go check E-bay. Over $200 now.

  2. Yellowchev

    I love using my 6th generation as a watch, I was really expecting the next nano to keep with that idea become thinner and add wireless connectivity etc.

  3. Katarina Merissa Curtright

    “The new design looks very similar to Apple’s iPod touch”
    You mean the “new” design looks almost exactly like the Nokia Lumia 800 and up? A design that had been released (keyword) last year while Apple was still playing around with the main design, hence the mini nano? Apple so highly boasts about how they innovate and come up with their own designs and EVEN used the Lumia in the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit as an example of non-infringement, yet they release a device similar to the Lumia.

    1. paul

      you no realize that the new new nano is just a taller version of the old one. the lumia looks like the old nano so who stole from who ???

  4. Aamarkable

    I dont this is a good idea. The 5th and 6th gen was in the right direction. The 7th gen reminds me of a baby iphone.

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