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It is coming round to that time of year again when our new year resolutions have gone out of the window and we are now worrying that summer is not far away. If the thought of flashing any part of your skin for your upcoming holiday is worrying you slightly then help is at hand. Here are 7 best iPhone apps to help you eat healthier and if you need a little bit of push there are some great apps to help you diet.

1. Healthy Super Foods

The Healthy Super Foods application is all about finding the right foods to eat to build up your immune system to protect you from a variety of ailments. Developed by CleverMatrix the app is simple to use and covers a list of common foods to build up your immune system from common ailments.

The app gives you information on how to prevent and treat an illness and also covers recipes that you can make with the recommended foods. The first sections is A-Z of foods. From there you can tap on a food you are interested in and it will tell you the health benefits, what vitamins are in and a description of the food.

The next section is A-Z of ailments. You look through the list to find a particular illness and when you tap on it, it will tell you what to do to prevent or ease the illness, what super foods to eat and then a description of the ailment itself. There is also an option to get a recipe with the super foods mentioned.

The final section is recipes. You choose what sort of meal you are wanting for example breakfast, starter, main or dessert and then the foods you require in the recipe and then after shaking your device it lists a recipe for you to try. There is also the option to save any of these recipes to a favorite list for future reference.

The app is great if you are not a fan of taking over the counter medication all the time and are looking for a healthier alternative. They give lots of information on improving your health just by changing the foods you eat. It is a very useful app and one that you can dip into when ever you need it. [$.99, iTunes Store]

2. Good Food Healthy Recipes

Good Food Recipes is all all about finding a great healthy recipe for you to cook. Created by BBCgoodfood the app is packed with recipe lists and videos to help you cook a perfect meal.

The app covers breakfast, dinner, tea and puddings and all recipes are broken down and you are given all the nutritional information as well. It tells you the fat content, saturated fat, sugar, salt level, protein, carbs, calories and fibre. Everything you might need if you want to know exactly what you are eating.

You can search via categories or just list the ingredients you have already and it will find a recipe for you. When you have your chosen recipe it lists the details of it and the info then you can go to the next tab to get the ingredients and details of how to cook it. Altogether there are over 120 recipes to choose from.

The app also covers a selection of videos to help you cook some of the recipes. Any of the recipes you find can be saved in the favorite section to refer back to. The final section covers the ingredients and goes in to detail about what each food is.

This app is ideal if you are stuck for ideas for meals and are wanting something that is healthy but still tastes great. [$2.99, iTunes Store]

3. Detox Diets & Recipes

The main reason for detoxing is to cleanse you body from all toxins and a detox diet is how you can achieve this. Detoxing can help you lose weight, feel healthier, improve your bowels, improve the appearance of your skin and generally just make you feel more energetic.

The Detox Diet by CleverMatrix covers three kinds of diets, a one day, a weekend and a seven day diet. Each telling you what to do before, during and after and also covering the foods you should eat. The first page tells you all the information you need to know about detoxing. It covers the side effects of it and also informs you of when you shouldn’t be detoxing.

First you have to decide which detox plan you are going to do, there is a section for the three of them. So if you were going to do the 1 day detox diet the main page for it tells you all about the plan and possible side effects and also the added benefits. It will then tell you what to do before you start the diet the preparation and also what foods you need to get stocked in your cupboards. Then it will tell you what to do during the detox from the moment you wake until you go to bed that night. Covering things like how to prepare your food, what to drink and what activities to do. The final aspect they cover is for after you have detoxed it covers information on what to do after and how to go gently back into your normal routine.

The final section is recipes and this covers a range of recipes for dips, fruit juices, mains, salads, soup and vegetable juice. You just click onto it and it lists the ingredients.

It is a great application and full of all the right information that you would need to do a detox diet. The app is very easy to use and follow and a great guide to use. [$.99, iTunes Store]

4. Low Carb Diet Assistant

The Low Carb application is ideal for anyone who is on a low carb diet or has diabetes. The app developed by Nanobitsoftware It basically does all the counting up for you. It is fairly straight forward and easy to use. As well as tracking your carbs you can also track your weight and water, sugar and net carbohydrates. You can add additional foods to the database but they already have an extensive amount listed, over 110,000.

Once you have filled in all the initial details when you first download the app then the first page is your overview. It will tell you how many more carbs you can eat for the day. Along with how many glasses of water you still have to drink, your current BMI and your fat, protein and calorie content to date. It is on that page that you add any food you consume each time you do it updates your details.

Then there are two different sections for your water and weight intake. Every time you have a drink of water there is a page full of empty glasses and you tap one of them and it fills it up with water. This is how you keep a record of the water intake and again it updates the main front page. The weight page is fairly straight forward to update as well.

All your information is logged and you are then able to view and edit previous records. You can set your own daily weight targets and carbs budget. All of your food intake is also available to view in a full screen graph.

A great app to keep you on top of your carbohydrate consumption. [$2.99, iTunes Store]

5. A Low GI Diet

The app developed by Webtopia is designed for anyone who is on a low GI diet, low carb diet and diabetics. The GI (Glycemic Index) is a measure of how fast different foods break down. Listed within the app is different foods you can search for and it tells you Low, Medium and High GI foods.

The app is very basic and simple to use but that really is all that you need. You enter in the search bar the food item you want details for and once you hit the search key it lists all the food with the word you inputted. You then find the one you need and when you press it it goes to a new screen and tells you the GI value inside a coloured box. The colour of the box is relevent to how low or high the GI value is. If it is a low GI it will be a green box, medium GI is yellow and high GI is red.

A Low GI Diet is an ideal app to help you stay healthy. [$1.99, iTunes Store]

6. Tap & Track – Calorie, Weight and Exercise tracker

Tap and Track developed by Nanobitsoftware is a great app to use to keep track of your calorie intake. It is designed to find the calorie intake your body needs depending on your age, weight, gender and height.

The app is listed with 110,00 food items, 1600 different food brands and 404 restaurants. Almost all of the everyday food you eat will be listed. Your main page is the overview page which tells you your consumed calories and what you have left remaining to use. It also tells you your fat, carbohydrate and food score. It is on this page where you can add your food intake and each time you do your figures get updated. You can also log here any exercise you do and the app already has 180 different exercises listed. The daily info goes into greater detail as it also logs, fat, protein, carbs, sugars, sodium and fibre intake. You can also get the overview in an easy to read pie chart report.

Every food intake you record is kept logged and you can go back and view all the details and even edit any of the days you recorded. You can set a diet plan and goal weight and set your own budget for carbs and fat.

The app is great it does all the working out for you, theres no need to fiddle around with a paper booklet recording and working out everything. It makes watching your calorie intake a breeze. [$3.99, iTunes Store]

7. Diet BMI Tracker

The Diet BMI Tracker developed by CleverMatrix is an application designed to track your weight loss and BMI.

The app is very easy to use and the initial set up is simple to follow. When you launch the app for the first time you enter your height, your weight and your weight goal and that is it! Everyday you then enter your daily weight and watch your progress.

The first page is where you track your weight and it can be tracked in UK, US or SI weights. You simply input your weight in kgs, stones, pounds and ounces. You can then flick on to the next screen for your progress to see how you are doing. It will show you your starting weight, your current and your goal so you can see how well you have done so far. It also tells you how many days since you first started tracking your weight. You can also see your progress in a full screen graph from day one which again is a great feature for easy glancing at.

The app is a great tool for seeing at a glance what you lost since you last input your details. It is perfect to help motivate you to sticking to what ever diet plan you are doing. [$1.99, iTunes Store]

Do you use any apps to track your weight and diet? Have you tried any of the ones we have listed? Let us know in the comments section below.



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